Psoriasis Causes and Psoriasis Triggers

The unique and natural methods of psoriasis treatmentThe actual reason people suffer from psoriasis has not yet been medically proven, however, scientists believe that your immune system plays a huge part with psoriasis causes. We all have T-cells in our blood and in someone who has psoriasis these cells start to attack healthy skin cells. The reason for this is because they’re tricked into thinking your body needs to produce more.

Normally the life cycle of our skin cells is about 28 days, in someone who has psoriasis this is greatly reduced to about 6 to 8 days. This means your skin doesn’t have time to shed skin cells in the normal way. What then happens is you get a build-up of cells over your skin. These will form patchy areas of skin that can be irritable, red and dry, and you can even form silvery like scales over your skin.

Did You Know That Genetics and the Immune System Play a Huge Role in Psoriasis Causes?

Again, this isn’t proven but the medical profession has managed to link psoriasis and genetics. If you have a close family member who suffers with this nasty skin disorder, you’re three times more likely to develop it as well. However, it is prudent to remember that whilst you’re more at risk there is a chance you will never contract this condition.

What Are The Main Psoriasis Triggers?

One very well known trigger when looking at psoriasis causes is that you can contract this skin condition if you suffer an injury to your skin. This can be anything from a small scratch to a large wound. Even sunburn or insect bites can trigger psoriasis. If your doctor refers to the Koebner Response this is the medical term for this type of trigger.

If you eat or drink anything that is known to de-hydrate the body, these are also psoriasis causes. Since this condition causes your skin to become dry, you need to make sure your body is properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid beverages such as alcohol or caffeine.

Other psoriasis causes or psoriasis triggers are smoking which is a kind of obvious reason really. Cigarettes contain a myriad of chemicals which can trigger a flare-up of this condition. Stress is also something that’s considered as one of the psoriasis triggers because if your body is uptight, your immune system will react. If this happens you can trigger an attack of psoriasis because your immune system will not be able to protect you from disease properly.

It’s very important, especially if you’re prone to attacks of psoriasis that you remain as calm as possible. There are various ways to do this. You could try some psoriasis home remedies and gentle exercise like yoga or relax in a warm bath before bed. Both of these are good for your mind and body which can help flare-ups.


There are various drugs which have been attributed to psoriasis causes and the main ones are some anti-malarial drugs, lithium, some anti-inflammatory medicines and ACE inhibiters (the last of these is usually prescribed to help with high blood pressure). If you’re worried about any drugs you’re taking, have a chat to your doctor. Click Here if you want to know how to cure Psoriasis Naturally!

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